Precision drawn metal stampings for critical applications 

Why Use Us!


Headly Manufacturing is a leading contract manufacturer of precision drawn metal stampings for the sealing industry. Our main products include metal cases for bonded piston seals, wheel bearing seals, shaft seals, and lip seals.  We supply various industries including automotive, industrial, aerospace and agriculture as well as others.

Headly's uses Stretch Forming to manufacture precision drawn metal stampings in both progressive and transfer dies. Our unique stretch forming process is better suited for high volume, tight toleranced, drawn metal stampings with finer surface finishes than a conventional drawing process. Our proprietary stretch forming process provides many benefits over conventional drawing including:

  • Greater dimensional accuracy 
  • Increased strength 
  • Reduced part weight 
  • Improved surface finish 
  • Less spring-back 
  • Increased surface hardness 
  • Increased wear resistance 

Our unique system starts with building robust tooling that can stretch and iron the material at high speeds without breaking. We develop the right surface finish in the tools and apply the correct lubricants to improve the form-ability of the products. Along with controlling the raw material inputs to ensure that we are receiving the same quality of material from initial submission, through the life of  production. This leads to a very robust manufacturing process. Which ensures that you receive quality parts on time, every time, at very competitive prices. 

Methodologies we use to drive improvements are:
Six Sigma
Project Management
Lean Manufacturing

Our Experience Shows!

We are a world class metal stamper supplying many critical parts to manufacturers throughout the globe.  Our customers are located in the USA, Mexico, Canada, Korea, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Sweden, China, and Brazil.

Headly is known for its exceptional quality in the products that we produce, our PPM is in the single digits, and will be driven lower through our continuous improvement projects.We strive to exceed your expectations in Engineering, Service, Quality, and Delivery while offering very competitive prices.


With over 80 years of experience supplying the sealing industry we know we can offer options to save money - while exceeding your performance objectives for fit and function, as we have for many of our customers.

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